2021 in a nutshell

2021 is unquantifable. Perhaps that after a year of covid at home and still feeling stuck within it all, this year in particular was a time for disruption.

Well the one constant, Codie and I celebrated 5 years married together. As I’m writing this blog, I bugged her in the kitchen for this photo. 😀

My largest shift was after 7 and a half years and a promotion with MiTek industries, a company which treated me well and established my career as a software engineer – I went elsewhere. Which was a big deal to me. I had nothing requiring me to do this.

And I didn’t just shift to another job, I went somewhere I had already enjoyed and a place I wanted to start contributing to. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science – still as a programmer at heart.

I’ve been here a short few months, but check out this place:

I need more photos of the folks I work with because I can’t begin to describe how great they are. They are all wonderfully bright and kind individuals.

Next coolest thing, perhaps in celebration, was getting an electric longboard. Which being my 7th skateboard (I literally cannot stop this train), is the first to have a battery and a motor. And since my friends are all getting one-wheels, life is starting to be a ride.

Lately we’ve been able to spend more time with friends, which is the main thing 2020 lacked (except digitally – thank you Deep Rock Galactic).

The cats love us being at home more than ever.

It seemed like a big deal earlier in the year that we replaced all the siding on our house… and it kinda was. Not because it was a big renovation project (it was), but because the house now looks like something we designed ourselves. It’s our house and that’s a nice feeling.

It’s starting to be spooky season. Codie will probably have me make a unique post for the decorations. It’s getting spooky…

We’re going camping with the folks next week, so more to come.

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