Denver ComicCon 2018

Had a wonderful time at Denver ComicCon this year with friends. I brought in a lot of DC comics to sign, met Jeff Smith (writer/artist of Bone), and met David Tennant. Since there were so many writer/artist signatures, it deserved a blog post.

Batman #1 (Rebirth) – Tom King (writer) and David Finch (pencil)
Batman Metal #6 – Greg Capullo (artist) and Johnathan Glapion (artist)
Mister Miracle #6 – Tom King (writer) and Mitch Gerads (artist)

Mitch Gerads (artist)

Batman Detective Comics #980 – James Tynion IV (writer)
Dark Knights Metal: Batman Lost – James Tynion IV (writer)
No Justice – James Tynion IV (writer)

Darth Vader #1 – Charles Soule (writer)

Bone 24 – Jeff Smith (writer/artist)

Jughead The Hunger #5 – Frank Tieri (writer) and Joe Eisma (artist)
Jughead The Hunger One-Shot – Frank Tieri (writer)
Phoenix Resurrection #1 – Matthew Rosenburg (writer

Dark Knights Metal: Murder Machine – Frank Tieri (writer)
Dark Knights Metal: Dawnbreaker – Sam Humphries (writer)
Penguin #1 – Frank Tieri (writer)

Bombshells #1 – Marguerite Bennett (writer)
Bombshells United #16 – Marguerite Bennett (writer)

Action Comics #1000 – Peter J. Tomasi (writer)

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary – Marguerite Scott (writer)
Flavor – Wook Jin Clark (writer)
Spencer 7 Locke – Pepopse (writer)

Rock Mary Rock – Nicky Soh (writer)

John Constatine Hellblazer: Good Intentions – Brian Azzarello (writer)
The Oracle Year – Charles Soule (author)

Green Lantern Rebirth – Sam Humphries (writer)

Rickety Stitch – James Parks (writer) and Ben Costa (artist)
Lumberjanes – ??? (sorry, I’m tired and can’t read the signature) (artist)

Science Comics – Marguerite Scott (writer)
Toil and Trouble – Marguerite Scott (writer)
City on the Other Side – Marguerite Scott (writer)

David Tennant – Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Harry Potter, Jessica Jones, Ducktales
Val Kilmer – Batman
David Harbour – Stranger Things

David Tennant holding Yoshi

House of Fear

Original – Sonya Anwar (artist of Archie Comics, Betty and Veronica Vixens)

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