Roosevelt National Forest #1

July 4th-6th, 2015

July 4th weekend, we braved potential crazed firework wielding families and went dispersed camping (because obviously campgrounds would be booked) and wound up in Roosevelt National Forest. Northwest out of Fort Collins, following west along highway 14, you’ll  find a lake and a dirt road 103 heading north. Plenty of dispersed camping, hiking, and a short drive back into the Forest for clean well water at Sleeping Elephant campground.


I was most excited for this trip because I had finally bought a new two-person tent, REI’s Half-Dome 2. I loved how the two doors stow into the roof, and the rain fly creates two vestibules for storing shoes/wood.


We cooked on the cheapest backpacking stove I could find. $5 compressed fuel canister, and a $15 classic primus stove top. I forgot paper coffee filters, so I rigged up a filter with medical gauze and tape.
This was a pretty lazy trip, where I began reading Terry Pratchett and Codie read Alice in Wonderland.
Here’s more photos.


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