Mesa Verda

April 15th, 2018

Sometime when I was about ten, I received a Mesa Verde tshirt from a trip my grandparents went on. I’ve remembered it and it’s been on my list for quite some time. I really had no idea how large it is.

Aside from the cliff palace, the largest village, there are numerous individual sites and over 900 farming spots. For one, I learned that farming is actually possible here. Two, that the pine nut is enough nutrition to survive. I reckon if I had a supply of wonderfoods I might just build a house on a cliff with a view.

We took a tour of Balcony House which involved a climb up a 3-story ladder. It was quite amazing.

Most pueblos were square and on a flat surface. A number of them on the drive were covered by modern structures. The round pueblos were known as Anasazi Kivas and were more spiritual in nature. They had a firepit, ventilation shaft, deflection stone (so the vent doesn’t hit the fire) and would have had a wooden roof with a hole and ladder to get out of. Many burnt down over time and were rebuild.


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