New Camper (Frisco, CO)

This post feels like cheating, but I did drive over six hours on Sunday…

Since we bought a house earlier in the year, I’ve kept my eyes on craigslist and campers with a very low budget as far as campers are concerned. While you can buy a trailer and build a teardrop camper for a couple thousand dollars, it’s quite the investment in time, patience, and craftsmanship. I can still see myself getting into it, but… what if there was another way to get started…

Colorado is a special place and the home-made, used camper marketplace includes all sorts of interesting prospects. Introducing: our lightweight bed-in-a-box-on-wheels, with kitchen shelving in the back, electrical via solar panel array, awning and doors. Sitting room only. 😀 It needs a name…

We airbnb rent it out our street corner of Denver.

(kidding mom…)

Codie takes a lot of photos from the car window, so here they are unfiltered this time. We drove back through Breckenridge cause i70 got clogged as usual. Breck is really pretty in the fall, I had only seen it under feet of snow.

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